Vernon Real 

250 - 260 - 4711

Free Enviro Bags

Everyone is (or should be) concerned about our environment and at Defeo & Associates we are trying to make our contribution by providing our clients with reusable enviro bags. 

To get your free bag just stop in at the office or give us a call at 250-260-4711 or an e-mail and we will have a bag dropped off or mailed to your home. 

The size is great for groceries, kid stuff, lunches, etc, and are a great replacement for plastic shopping bags. We currently have the bags in green, blue or red. 

The “Defeo & Associates Enviro Bags” are reusable, hand washable, recycleable we ensured that we purchased them from a company who makes them from recycled materials. 

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle with Defeo & Associates